Integrity, Inclusivity and Innovation

About Us

CPACT is one of the largest Canadian Pakistani business association in Canada with the primary objective of fostering stronger commercial relations between Canada and Pakistan. With active members in Major cities in Canada and Pakistan CPACT plays a vital role in linking players from private and government sectors who work together to strengthen bilateral trade and investments opportunities.

CPACT is an influential player in the local business community by developing strong relationships with stakeholders in key business and industry sectors and gaining a deep understanding of targeted markets, competition, current local market trends. CPACT’s international expansion is based upon successful launch and drive since commerce is the backbone of each successful society.


To promote, study, extend, advance and protect business relations, investments and interests of the Business Fraternity and to become the trusted voice, primary point of contact and preferred networking forum for executives doing business between Pakistan and Canada and to protect Pakistani and Canadian Values in social and Business platforms.

To promote businesses & well-being of each other through multiple networking platforms such as seminars, business forums, website and social networks. To integrate and pool our resources to link and recognize our achievers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, professors, researchers, IT professionals and honorable business people for the benefit of our community from Coast to Coast.


At CPACT, we believe that ’Diversity leads to innovation”. Our services are based on an approach that aims to promote business development which is mutually beneficial, cross-culturally diverse and growth-driven and strives to help others rise so that we as a community may outshine even the stars.

“Well done is better than well said” (Benjamin Franklin)