• I am not Canadian Pakistani

    And neither lot of our members! We are the Chamber of Trade for business with Canada and Pakistan. Not an organization based on ethnicity.

  • I have never done business with Pakistan?

    And there is no better time to start. With over 210 Million population and one of the fastest growing middle class and huge investment pouring in from China and Middle east, come and see what you are missing, if you want to sell to masses or hire the highly skilled labour at fraction of the cost what you pay here in Canada we are here to help you every step of the way, why not consider this developing but highly skilled technological economy in your business development strategy?

  • Is there any event going on for CPACT in my city?

    Yes CPACT is always Arranging seminars and all members are invited.

  • I have never been to Pakistan

    May be this is the time to visit, our Pakistan chapter will arrange a full and guided tour for you, they will arrange all your meetings and visits to local businesses prior to your arrival, a full security is provided with the help of Government of Pakistan.